You, Of All People

by FS

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released February 24, 2017



all rights reserved


FS Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: Communion Is a Waste of Wine
Open wide
Take a sip to steepen your denial
(I'll see you in)
(I'll call you out)
Don't be scared
You will feel much better when you're there
I see it
I'll take in the sight
Hold tight
They could take the time to show me right again
A mix of feelings though
I know that he does not care if the call is just or fair
I think I'll beat you there

Are the good things on the way to the leap into my grave?
All he ever said was "wait, oh wait"
I had it all and turned the other way
Oh they're good like me you say?

Does it make you?
Do you feel like the whole world sees how great you have become?
It's very sweet how you think we just don’t know
But not sweet as watching you go
You know
Will he take the time to show me up again?
If it completes your life that's fine but I just can’t stand to hear of your god again
At least I'll see you there

Telling good things all the way to the leap into your grave
All he had to say was "wait for me"
I bet it all and turned to walk away Oh they could love me you say?

I've made a grand proposal
(I'm gonna take all your money)
At least I let you know
It's just not worth my time nor is it of importance
(I'm gonna take all your money)
And make sure it's known
Track Name: Almost There
He stands up on the stage
What will he see while looking down?
All the precious heads?
Or all the seeds he’s yet to sow?
“Maybe I’m the fake”
“Maybe I’m the fraud”
To change it in a sane or malicious way?
I’m caught in the wave again
The season’s delight of making my way through the herd
You’re falling away
I can’t stand keeping the lie
I could not pretend to forego
What will I say in this display?
Oh sure, I’ll lie
What will I face to win this race?
Broken eyes
We’re waiting on the call from what will not stand
I love how they can lead without us in mind
Fuck this curtain call for what will not stand
We’re almost there
Track Name: Needed to Do Today
What do you want me to say?
Should I roll over and take your side?
Once again it's the same damn thing
Who do you want me to be?
Just another replacement of life?
You won’t see all that shit from me

Do you feel?
Kind of
(You made your bed)
Show me your worth
Will they see all of
(Their grave mistakes?)
I hope so

Caught between the end and this
Things don't really make much sense
Pleasing people just as we will
Asking till they're numb

We're all just a pawn in the game
Yeah we've been sold
I caught them stealing me
You're ripping us off once again
Hey we've been told
I want to see this reign
A puppet for all
Hate for me, my love
I caught them in there

Let’s keep it a secret
They cannot know
That's easy for me to say
I keep it low

We'll see them
I'll pretend
Give them a show
Let's keep it a secret
They will not know
Track Name: Life Savor
It feels good when we talk about our lives
With the hope that we can get more than just by
Oh it feels like I'm just shy
Of the way that I will do until I die

Take me back now
I've lost track of the time
It's gone
I'm a slave to another day
Ipso facto it was never mine
I find its the nine to five that hurts me

Now be there and savor life
I bet you won’t find another one
Now you pay and we'll sing along
This may not be all false hope

I know what’s mine
I keep it alive
It might be long
The road is always worth the drive
Track Name: Light & Busy
Dear god,
There's something that I don't understand
They're eating from the palm of your hand
Somehow I still feel as though you're to blame
We've been told it's complex and inseparable like mind and hand
When they take flight just load the gun and aim it towards the eyes

Before long you'll be slithering slaves

It takes a lot to blow a sure shot to fame
Everything you know is granted to shame
Oh for shame
The prophecy has been told
We're going to hell